Yoga is no religion and also no hinduistic prayer

To get it in one sentence: Yoga is a philosophy.
The philosophy of yoga might get connected to religious beliefs, but then only thru the beliefs of people and their religious practice. Yoga itself shows a way to personal freedom. The choice of yoga-practise with or without religion is up to the practioneer only.
Yoga offers various exercises, to reach mental clearness and physical health. Any (religious) practise of prayer is good as well, so wrote Patanjali and others in the early yogic 'books'. But is does not need religious practise to do yoga. Yoga may even deepen the religious experience, but it is not of any condition to practise yoga. Basically the philosophy of yoga is "free of any god".
Known since about 2000 years the "Yoga Sutra" by Patanjali is one of the basic writings about yoga.
But so far no religion has founded on it.
The Yoga Sutra puts the yoga practioneer in his or her own responsibilty, without leaving him or her alone. Specially this philosophical freedom led to the fact, that yoga is denied by some hinduistic teachers.

Last: It is not possible to convert to hinduism, because one is born as hindu and not by giving a conviction.

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