Age of children

When asking how old a child should be to practise yoga, it is important to make a distinction between where the child practises it.
Small children already like "practising" yoga in a family setting with their mums and dads. Copying what "grown-ups" do is part of a child's everyday life and practising yoga does not have to be excluded from this. Even babies and small children can be taught specific exercises.
They will not execute them independently in a yoga sense, but there is nothing to stop them doing "baby yoga", i.e. yoga-based exercises for babies. Incidentally, in India it is common practice for babies to do "yoga exercises". Undoubtedly this is a good way of promoting children's mental and motor development. In a course or a taught setting, for example, at a kindergarten, children can practise yoga independently from approximately three years upwards.

Group size
The ideal size for a group that wants to practise yoga is eight children. If more than ten children are involved, it becomes difficult to maintain concentration.

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